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19 November 2012


To many within the topical international locations, air conditioner is an important factor to have for night time sleep. A room air conditioner, working 10 hours per day, will devour roughly about SGD$60 of electrical energy monthly; out of which, 90% is wasted in cooling the room and the partitions. This text will share how this a lot vitality may be saved through the use of a mattress cooler.
Notice: The identical arrange can be utilized for mattress heater through the use of aquarium heaters

What’s a Mattress Cooler?

A mattress cooler cools solely the mattress as an alternative of the entire room. It runs chilled water beneath the mattress sheet or mattress. To chill a median measurement room, one will want a cooling capability of about 10,000 BTU/hr or 2,800 cooling watts; however to chill an individual, one will want only one/20 of this vitality; therefore, about 90% of the vitality might be saved.

What’s Accessible within the Market?

There are a number of manufacturers of mattress cooler obtainable out there. Most bought with a cooling mattress plus a warmth pump unit that may generate both sizzling or chilly water. It prices round SGD$800 for a single mattress and about SGD$1,300 for a king sized double mattress.

What Are the Parts?

Every mattress cooler consists of a mattress both embedded with silicone tubes or PVC sheets sealed to type tubes for chilled water to be run inside.

Electronic Repairing

The cooling or heating water is commonly generated by an digital Peltier chip that’s powered by a 12 or 24 volts energy provide. It has additionally a pump and a temperature controller the place temperature may be managed or set remotely.   One forumer claimed that he saved about 50% in the September 2012 electricity bill after using the bed cooler.

A Chinese language video explaining the workings of a mattress cooler may be discovered right here

The place To Purchase the Parts for DIYs?

For DIY fans, the mattress cooler elements together with Peltier chips may be bought all from Ebay. A refrigeration equipment consisted of two items of 60 watts cooling energy Peltier chips plus warmth sinks, followers and many others will value no more than SGD$50.
Electronic Repairing

Its cooling energy is simply barely sufficient for a single mattress software after some de-rating.  The opposite pricey objects are pump, silicone tubing and a temperature controller (additionally obtainable from ebay) which can value one other SGD$60 for a single mattress. The silicone tubes and pumps may be bought from native aquarium retailers. One fanatic has constructed an aquarium chiller utilizing Peltier chip and his set up will also be used for the mattress cooler undertaking.
One might additionally purchase the water cooling mattress and the temperature controller from China. The set will probably be cheaper however some stated they weren’t as dependable as shopping for the entire mattress set from the native shops.

Different Options?

Bar or mini fridges won’t have the required cooling energy for the cooler mattress undertaking. A bar fridge solely have a cooling energy of round 70 watts or 250 BTU/hr which is just too small for a human load that’s round 100 watts or 350 BTU/hr.

One might use an aquarium chiller as an alternative of Peltier chiller besides that one might have one other circulating pump and a pump sump as a result of the chiller typically wants larger stream fee for correct operation.

What’s the Arrange for the DIY Challenge?

This text makes use of an previous Resun Aquarium chiller mannequin CL650 for the DIY undertaking that was designed to chill a king measurement mattress of 1.9m x 1.8m. The creator acquired this chiller together with the water pump for simply SGD$50/= as a result of one reef keeper gave up his interest whereas shifting his home. The ultimate arrange is as proven.

Electronic Repairing

The Professionals and Cons of this DIY Vs Business Mattress Cooler


1. Aquarium chillers of Freon sort are 75% extra vitality environment friendly than Peltier chillers. It has a Coefficient of Efficiency(COP) of 1.Three vs Peltier chiller which has solely round 0.55;

2. For DIY, one can suitably place the chiller distant for minimal noise and higher air flow;

3. Can DIY to go well with particular person requirement


1. Can not present sizzling water for heating except a heater is integrated;

2. Solely guide setting though beginning and stopping may be managed remotely through the use of a distant managed socket;

3. Not transportable and occupy extra space.

What Dimension of Chiller?

The CL650 has a cooling energy of 650 watts (1/Four hp) which is over sized for the undertaking. The larger measurement chiller will devour barely extra vitality however will deliver water temperature faster to the set level temperature. A 300 watts cooling capability or 1/Eight hp chiller must be supreme for the undertaking.

Record of Parts for DIY Challenge

The listing of elements and the place to buy them are as proven.

1) One aquarium chiller ideally 1/10 hp to 1/Eight hp modified with exterior temperature probe;

2) One small aquarium tank insulated with 1/4” thick polyester type to accommodate 2 pumps, a circulating and a chiller pump;

3) One 600 litres per hour(LPH) circulating pump and one 1800 LPH chiller pump as specified by chiller producer;

4) One a number of 10 mm diameter PVC versatile tube from ironmongery shop;

5) One a number of 6 mm diameter silicone tube for the mattress cooling from aquarium retailers;

6) 2 size of 20 mm diameter PVC plastic pipe because the header plus 2 rubber finish caps and a couple of pipe connectors for connection to 10 mm PVC tube from {hardware} shops;

7) 2 small tubes of tremendous glue;

8) One 300 mm lengthy balloon holding stick as stud for the joints between silicone tube and PVC pipes; outer diameter barely bigger the interior diameter of the silicon tube;

9) One lot of 1/4 “ thick sponge sheet from stationary retailers, reduce to type strips to wrap around the pipes and tubes;

10) One lot of shrinkable plastic tubing from {hardware} retailers;

11) One mattress cowl; hereafter referred to the mattress.

What’s the most Tough A part of the DIY Job?

The development of the mattress cooler mattress and the header pipe.

Header Pipe Development

The header consists of two PVC pipe of 20 mm diameter and one 10 mm versatile PVC tube as a return to type a reversed return piping association as proven. This can be certain that water is at all times first in and final out in order that the pressures and water stream are equal in all of the tubes.

Electronic Repairing

The creator tried Three totally different variations to make a joint between the silicone tubes and the PVC pipe; two of which failed with a number of water leaks detected through the checks. The ultimate and dealing model used a stud embedded within the silicone tube as proven.

First discover a plastic tubing barely bigger than the diameter of the silicone tube. A balloon holding stick was chosen and reduce into smaller items as proven in one of many smaller image.

Electronic Repairing

Do some experiment first with a brief size of silicone tube and a brief piece of PVC pipe. Choose and drill a gap within the PVC pipe such that the outlet must be simply giant sufficient to suit the stud loosely. When inserting the stub into the silicone tube, permit the tube to overlap for about Three mm as proven. This can be certain that the tube may be first inserted into the PVC gap earlier than urgent the stud into place to provide the facet stress to seal the joint.

Drilling holes in PVC pipe precisely may be difficult and troublesome except one has a drill bench to carry the pipe in place.  The better means is to DIY a easy device utilizing one other brief size of barely bigger pipe that may be slotted into the PVC pipe.  Drill no less than 2 holes precisely on the bigger pipe.  One of many holes will probably be used for alignment and the opposite for drilling a gap within the PVC pipe.

Electronic Repairing

Elephant model of tremendous glue was used for the joint between silicone tube and the PVC pipe. With correct choice of the stub and the drill diameter, the stud ought to present the required facet stress to make good tight seal for the joint.

This new model had solely 2 joint failures out of the 48 joints which is lower than 5%. A fast restore fastened the leak.

To facilitate the jointing course of, every silicone tube is first rolled and tied up for ease of dealing with and in addition for guaranteeing the tube will probably be correctly segregated for the joints to be made with out making any cross over between the tubes.

Electronic Repairing

Testing for leaks

After having accomplished the joints for the silicon tubes, you will need to check the joints for leakage if any. Strain check the joints to no less than twice the peak distinction between the pump and the mattress plus any improve in stress as a result of pumping. If one doesn’t have a stress testing set, one might elevate the testing pump to the required peak as proven. Put previous newspaper beneath the pipe for detection of any leak and do the repairs as obligatory.

Electronic Repairing

The Mattress Cooler Mattress

Lastly, lay the mattress flat on a cleaned flooring floor and put the silicone tube and many others in place with the PVC pipe header laid about 50 mm to 80 mm from the highest fringe of the mattress in order that one can conceal the header in-between the mattress and the headboard. When the silicone tubes are laid in correct place, maintain the tube in place by thread and needle, guaranteeing that no needle will ever punch a gap within the silicone tubes.

The main points of the mattress cooler mattress development and the arrange are as proven right here.

Electronic Repairing

Insulation and Vapour Sealing

The header and the 10 mm versatile PVC tubing that connects the header and the pump sump are then wrapped round with ¼” sponge strips, edge to edge to stop condensation.

Electronic Repairing

As well as, the header has a bit of material wrapping round and stitched to the tip of the mattress to stop any stress which may be put onto the joints as a result of pulling or shifting of the mattress throughout operation.

Electronic Repairing

The connecting 10mm PVC tubing along with sponge strips is then sealed inside shrinkable plastic tubing typically used for masking bamboo sticks.

Hiding the PVC header in between the headboard and the mattress not just for aesthetic cause but in addition for extension of cooling to beneath the pillow the place, at instances, arms and arms placing beneath the pillow may be cooled for night time sleep. Additionally, the joints are the weakest half. If there’s a water leak, it gained’t moist the mattress.

To stop the mattress from “operating away”, there’s a have to strap the mattress to the sides of the mattress.

The Pump Sump

The creator makes use of a 25 litres aquarium tank as a pump sump. It’s then insulated with 2 layers of 1/4″ thick  polyester foam to stop condensation. Silicone glue was used on the sting of the froth to stay to the tank.  There will probably be a have to deal with the water as micro organism will flourish additionally when there’s air within the water.  Chlorinating the water is one finest resolution if one is utilizing aquarium chiller and plastic pumps with porcelain shaft like Eheim.


The creator makes use of most elements from his retailer together with an previous 25 litres aquarium tank and the 600 LPH pump. The estimated further value was no more than SGD200/=. If new chiller and pumps are required, one other SGD300/= might need to be added.

Testing and Efficiency

The consumption was measured by a knowledge acquisition machine which recorded the vitality consumption in minutes for Three kinds of cooling for Three totally different nights:

a) A Panasonic inverter air-con cooling the room @ 25oC;

b) The mattress cooler of this undertaking, reducing in @ 23oC and reducing out @ 25oC;

c) The mattress cooler plus Panasonic inverter air-con working as an air dehumidifier with temperature set to 27oC.

The result’s as proven.

Electronic Repairing

For a similar mattress and about the identical climate situation, the cooler mattress undertaking saved about 90% of the vitality invoice. A variation is to make use of the cooler mattress with current air conditioner as a humidifier by turning up the air conditioner cooling from 25oC to 27oC. This variation will permit those that nonetheless need dehumidified air for good night time sleep. The vitality saving measured was round 50%.

Publish Mortem

1. Equal Size of Silicone Tube

The creator solely estimated the size when reducing the silicone tube into items. This resulted tubes having totally different size inflicting unequal stress and stream. Throughout begin up, greater than 2 units of tube haven’t any water stream and therefore,  no cooling on components of the mattress.  Fortuitously, by lifting the PVC pipe header up and down a number of instances solved the issue.

2. Stitching the tubes

When tubes had been laid onto mattress, creator began stitching from the header finish, assuming the tube would have no crossovers. When he discovered the crossovers on the finish, the tubes had been all stitched in place. Due to this fact, you will need to begin stitching from the ends first.

Different Observations

The Feeling of Silicone Tubes

One can really feel the silicone tubes on the mattress by finger touching however not the physique. It’s because solely fingers and toes have sensory nerves.

Mattress Heater

The mattress cooler can be utilized additionally for mattress heating goal.   Some Aquarium chiller for instance the Resun 650 has shops for connection to exterior heaters similar to aquarium heaters that may be immersed within the water tank. Resun’s controller will regulate the temperature. Alternatively,  one might use the heater’s thermostat to attain related end result however the temperature management is probably not so correct.


The undertaking has been efficiently accomplished. It’s a good undertaking not solely to economize but in addition to share the data to others who may profit from it.

Replace 1:  Leak Restore  1 April 2014

1.  The mattress cooler lastly leaked on the silicone joints to the PVC header.   Fortuitously,  most leaks had been  simply minor triggering leaks that moist the mattress liner and the header hiding the header pipes.  Repairs was accomplished instantly inside 30 minutes by disconnecting the outgoing pipe on the pump to stop water again stream,  then reduce the silicone tube and inserted a brand new stud.  The brand new joints had prolonged size of silicon rubber over the stud and an extended stud had been used as proven.

Electronic Repairing

To stop leak from different joints,  all of the joints had been constructed up and coated by epoxy glue,   utilized a number of coats, utilizing a small brush over and across the exterior a part of the joints.

2.  Stitching the silicone tubes to a mattress cowl was a nasty concept because the mattress cowl couldn’t be washed often.   The tubes had been  now re-attached to three items of material;  2 of which had been 10″ large with the header piece about 20″,  permitting 10″ to wrap the header pipes.   The garments had been then tied spherical to the mattress utilizing strings to repair the place.

3.  To assist the header pipe, 2 items of  20 mm PVC pipe had been reduce and formed to type pipe assist stands as follows and positioned at each ends of the header pipe to assist the header pipe.  The flat a part of the pipe assist stand went beneath the mattress cushion.

Electronic Repairing

Replace 2:   Air Lock in system

When there’s air trapped contained in the tube or pipe,  the pump won’t work and no water will flow into.  To purge the air out,  reverse the enter and output of the hose from the mattress cooler.  If the pump is appropriately sized,  one ought to see air bubbles purging out.  Repeat the method if obligatory

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