Mobius HD Actioncam and RFI.

Electronic Repairing

Now, being a gadget lover that I’m, I made a decision to improve the moderately previous dashcam in my automobile to one thing somewhat extra “HD”. After doing a little bit of analysis, and seeing the footage of a colleagues digital camera, I made a decision to get a Mobius 1080P Actioncam, bought from a good supply (beware the fakes). Good selection. Small unit, nice photos, sound is OK… besides….

… it ruined my radio reception.

Now I’ve a newish automobile, and it is fitted with a DAB radio. After becoming the digital camera to my windscreen, I observed DAB reception of my favorite station, Planet Rock, grew to become patchy. Disconnecting the digital camera solved the problem…. hmmmm … RFI … Radio Frequency Interference.

So what was occurring? I broke out my historical spectrum analyser, and, geared up with a easy whip antenna, took some measurements….

Electronic Repairing   This is the DAB reception, centred on 220MHz, with the Mobius disconnected. The 2 humps are the 2 DAB Mux’s (multiplexes) I can obtain at residence…

Electronic Repairing
… and here is the identical shot with the digital camera linked… yuck. I think the massive peak to the correct of the mux is effecting the AGC of the radio, and there is quite a lot of hash beneath it too, upsetting the sign to noise ratio… boo!

Electronic Repairing   I attempted a easy methodology of stopping RFI radiating from the cable of the machine. I wrapped as many turns of the USB energy lead spherical a random (ex-computer energy provide) ferrite ring.

Electronic Repairing   Good….

… and after some subject assessments, reception restored!

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