Nakamichi Dragon.


Nate referred to as.

“Are you able to give my Dragon a service?”

Yeah … why not?

I although I might share a number of images.

Electronic Repairing

This should be the Rolls-royce of cassette decks. Adjustable all the pieces.

Electronic Repairing

There’s lots happening inside…

Electronic Repairing
Electronic Repairing

It is auto reverse, however in commonplace type, with two pinch rollers, reasonably than the “flip the tape spherical” of the Nakamichi RX series

Electronic Repairing

… this is what makes it particular…

Electronic Repairing
… see these four gear wheels? They’re used to change the azmuth alignment of the top on the fly.

A very outstanding piece of engineering, and the top of cassette copy!

I’ve heard some rumours on varied boards that the playback of pre-recorded and tapes recorded on different machines will not be so good on these decks. I have to say that is not my expertise in any respect. Playback is excellent.

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