Repairing Car Air-Conditioning system (Part 3)


One has positioned the leak. This text will describe the right way to change the part and charging the system with Freon fuel

FAQWhat do I would like?
Moreover having to purchase the alternative spares, one would wish:
a) a set of latest O-rings for the joints. Ask the store proprietor for them to be equipped accurately if the spares don’t are available a whole set. There are totally different sizes of O-ring for various elements;.
b) A brand new filter/dryer. Take the chance to exchange the filter/dryer if it has not been changed after some operation;

Ensure one would have the next issues prepared as they’d be wanted after the restore except one is to ship the automotive to a workshop for charging up the Freon:-

a) The excessive/low strain gauge (or manifold gauge);
b) The vacuum pump;
c) The compressor oil ;
d) A tank of appropriate kind of Freon.

Subsequent Step1) Exchange the defective part as required. Exchange additionally the O-rings;
2) Exchange the filter/dryer after eradicating the present strain switches and/or strain reduction valve if any and reinstall them within the new filter/dryer. Exchange the O-rings as vital;
3) Ensure the parts are all in place and one is now able to cost the system with Freon.

VacuumingBecause the Freon has been discharged, one would count on air trapped contained in the system to be eliminated by vacuuming;.
1) Hook one finish of the low strain hose (blue) to the nipple valve that’s hooked up to the suction pipe of the compressor. Hook the opposite finish of the yellow hose(yellow) to the vacuum pump’s nipple valve. Earlier than beginning the vacuum pump, be certain that the operation valve of the suction strain is left absolutely open (valve beneath the blue gauge);
Electronic Repairing
2) Permit vacuum strain to go up as excessive as attainable. Usually, it must be greater than the water boiling level strain; for instance,
water will boils @ 80 degreeF @ vacuum pressure of -29 inHg

3) Shut off the vacuum pump and permit the strain to face for about 30 minutes and observe the strain. If the restore is efficient, the strain ought to keep on the similar strain with none loss in strain; in any other case, suspect a leak within the repairs. Use cleaning soap detection technique to detect any leak if vital.

Charging up
If the restore is efficient, the system might be able to be charged up the Freon.
1) Shut all valves on the strain gauges. Take away the yellow hose from the vacuum pump however don’t take away the blue hose that’s already related to the suction finish of the compressor;
Electronic Repairing   2) Cost compressor oil into the yellow hoses or use correct oil injector to cost. The quantity of oil to be charged will depend upon the kind of restore or oil leakage. Usually, assume 80% might be misplaced if one drained the compressor empty; in any other case, assume about 15-20% loss in oil. For info, automotive air-conditioning system would usually has 300-350 cc of oil; Electronic Repairing
3) Take away all different attachment and instruments from the engine compartment;
4) Startup the engine and run it at idling velocity; be certain that there isn’t a uncommon noises; in any other case, cease the engine and examine;
5) If all is effectively, open the valve on the Freon Tank first. The blue strain gauge ought to hit round 70 psi. Now activate the valve on the suction finish of the strain gauge (blue). The strain ought to drop rapidly because the valve is being opened;
6) Management the valve such that the suction strain would keep within the vary of about 30 psi to 35 psi; don’t let the strain goes above 45 psi;
7) Observe the sight glass on the filter/dryer. If the Freon isn’t sufficient, the sight glass window might be whitish in shade, brought on by effervescent of Freon. Additional addition of Freon ought to clear the bubbles particularly when one rev up the engine slightly.

Electronic Repairing

Occasionally that the sight glass window continues to be whitish or the Freon bubbles are nonetheless seen after a while of charging, suspect some hassle with the system or the compressor.

Testing and Commissioning
Do a take a look at on the air-con system, the air vent ought to now blow cooler air if the restore is efficient and system absolutely charged up with Freon. To make sure correct work is finished;
a) be certain the engine and air-conditioning are operating easily;
b) Verify the world of restore for attainable leak utilizing fuel detector or simply plainly, performing a cleaning soap bubble take a look at;
c) Verify that the strain gauges keep inside vary, with suction or low strain round 30 -35 psi; if wanted be, hook up the purple hose to the discharge nipple of the compressor, one would count on a studying of round 200 psi relying on the kind of Freon and the ambient temperature.
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