Selecting Air Conditioners


24 July 2018
Air conditioners are frequent home items these days in Singapore.  There are numerous differing types and types out there and deciding on the fitting sort could be a headache for some,  notably these  new residence homeowners. This text will assist these customers  perceive the assorted sort and primary variations between them in order that they might choose the right sort.

Forms of Air Conditioners

Typically,  air conditioner for resident unit could be divided in to window air-con unit and  break up air-con items.   
Among the many window items,  there are the window mounted wall mounted window unit or casement window unit. 
Electronic Repairing

Electronic Repairing

Among the many break up air-con unit,  there are single break up or multi-split air-con unit.  Then,  there may be additionally ceiling mounted sort which won’t be lined right here.
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Electronic Repairing

  Variations Between Window Unit or Cut up Unit Air Conditioning 

Element Descriptions
Window Items
Cut up Items
Multi Cut up Items
1.  Sort
The cooling and compressor  or condenser items are built-in
The cooling and compressor or condenser items are separated and linked by copper pipes
Similar as Cut up Items besides as much as 5 Indoor items could be related to at least one outside unit
2.  Set up
Often put in beneath or subsequent to the home windows,  at arm’s or decrease than arm’s degree.
Often put in above the window or on the ceiling with outside items on ledge or chrome steel assist simply exterior the home windows
The indoors items are related to the outside unit by way of copper pipes via a management valve built-in with the outside unit
3.  Pipings
Not required
Insulated pipings are normally hidden inside PVC trunking operating alongside the partitions
Similar as Cut up Items
4.  Energy level
Required with further wiring for outside items operating along with pipings in trunkings
Similar as Cut up Items
5.  Noise management
Might be fairly noisy
Solely the outside unit runs abit noisy.   Indoor items are fairly quiet.
Similar as Cut up Items
6.  Price
About 30% cheaper than break up items
Whole price can be cheaper than multi-split
Whole price can be dearer
7.  Power Consumption
For a similar sort of compressor i.e. inverter vs inverter,  cheaper to function
Larger consumption due to piping thermal and pump head losses.  Losses in pipe round 10 watts per metre run.
Power consumption could be excessive if lengthy pipings are required;  additionally,  the management valve could not management refrigeration movement correctly if the valves are defective.
8.  Verdict
Low cost and environment friendly for a similar sort besides the operation is noisy
Good solely when one has satisfactory house for separate outside items
Can save house of out of doors unit


 What to search for When Choosing  Effectivity Air Conditioner ?

 One of the necessary think about deciding on air conditioner relies on vitality consumption or how a lot electrical energy the air conditioners will devour.  In Singapore,  it’s necessary that every air conditioner unit should have the next vitality label  in order that the shoppers can select the fitting air conditioners.  Naturally,  the extra the “Ticks”,  the extra environment friendly would be the unit however  the upper the price.  The shoppers may also evaluate the annual vitality price which is specified within the label earlier than they purchase the fitting sort of air conditioner. 
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 Fundamental Consideration

 1.  Whether or not to put in break up air conditioners or window unit air conditioners for vitality saving rely a lot on the design.   Principally,  if each air-con unit of the identical energy and  sort (inverter vs inverter)  ought to devour the identical quantity of vitality with break up unit consuming barely greater energy due to the warmth losses via the longer refrigeration piping.  Alternatively,  if the window unit is badly designed with out correct segregation between cooling  and air intakes,  they will devour greater vitality.  Window items usually is noisier.
2.  Whether or not to put in multi-system or a number of single break up system will rely a lot on the air-con utilization and the warmth load of the cooling house.  Multi-system normally have management valves distributing  refrigerants to numerous rooms; it should devour extra vitality in empty rooms as these  management valves don’t all the time work effectively to chop off refrigeration movement utterly particularly after some years of operation.  For instance,  if one put in a  system-Three to all the time cool just one bed room more often than not,  it won’t solely price extra but additionally  devour extra electrical energy than Three particular person break up unit.  

Cooling Energy Choice Information 

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